Our Review Policy

Hi Authors,

We have decided to change our review policy because life is busy and we want to read the things we love. It does not matter if you are Traditionally Published or Indy, we support all.

All that we ask is that you email us at magicwithinthepages@gmail.com with the following requirements.
  1. Genre (Y/A, Romance, PNR, New Adult)
  2. Blurb
  3. Is it a series or standalone?
  4.  Does it have a cliffhanger?
  5. Is there a love triangle?
  6. Currently Available?
  7. Goodreads link
  8.  Amazon Link if one is available.
  9. Small excerpt so reviewers can get a feel for he story.

Please include all these things in your email, If one of our reviewers would like to read your book you will receive a email back requesting a file.

When we read a book we love, we will promote it on our blog, twitter, Facebook. Facebook more then once ;-)

Our review will also be posted on the following – Goodreads, Amazon, Blog page, Facebook.

Review request is to be sent by Authors or Publishers, I do not accept requests from street team members.

We like to support those books that capture our heart, and share the shit out of it. Also we do giveaway’s on such book’s that we LOVE. Out of our own pocket.

Just because your book is selected does not mean it will be reviewed, there is a reason for this. I want to share with my book peeps, books that hook me. I don’t want to leave reviews that are under four stars, this is our choice. We want to promote books that are our 4 – 5 star reviews. The reason for this is because we have a lot of review request, and we would like to cut back to the books that we love, book that pull us in and get lost.

Thank you for reading and understanding, looking forward to your email. 


  1. Could you please tell me your review policy? Thanks


    1. Hi Katrina,
      Here is the review policy.
      Thanks Liz