Sunday, March 16, 2014

*REVIEW* Dusk by Amy Durham

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

Zoe is having a tough time, she found out her dad was having an affair and her parents decide to separate. Zoe is angry at her dad but then the unexpected happens, her dad dies in a car accident and she is left feeling hurt, angry and upset that the last thing she said to him was "I hate you" During the summer she drinks and gets in to a heap of trouble which leads to Zoe being in a car accident herself. The mysterious thing is she wakes up the next day, in her own bed with no understanding of how she got there. 

Cue Adrian, the new good looking biker boy who starts at Zoe's school. Zoe's knows there is something different and familiar about him and lots of unexplained things happen in his presence but she is enjoying his company and he helps her to get out of the downhill spiral she's on and forgive her father so she can move on with her life. 

I thought it was an enjoyable and pleasant read. I love the young adult books where the girl has problems in her life and along comes a new guy to school who changes everything about the girl's life and gives her purpose and that's what i got reading this. A great Paranormal Romance.

Zoe Gray lost her father... in more ways than one. Angry and bitter, Zoe spends the summer before her senior year of high school doing everything she can to forget, legal or not. But a close call triggers a reality check, and Zoe decides to put her life back together, a task that proves a lot harder than she thought. 

Adrian Shaw shows up on the first day of school, creating quite a stir with his striking good looks and gleaming black motorcycle. But Adrian is much more than a "biker boy", and as Zoe discovers, he may just hold the key she needs to put her life back on the right path. 

But as they do battle with evil forces that want nothing more than to destroy Zoe's chance at a normal life, will their feelings for one another make them stronger, or be the reason Zoe's happiness slips away forever? 

And will Zoe learn to forgive before it's too late?

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