Monday, December 8, 2014

*REVIEW* Just One More Breath by Leigha Lewis

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

What a brilliant and emotional read that kept me hooked throughout.

Very emotional beginning with the main character, Nicole losing her 10 year old son and the breakdown of her marriage doesn't help how she is feeling about her life. When Shawn, a guy she has known for years, comes back into her life, he tries and helps her to find life again and try and move forward. Shawn has always held a torch for Nicole but he has to keep his feelings to himself as Nicole has too much to deal with so he vows to just be her friend.

It is a really brilliant read! I love Nicole and Shane and their sizzling attraction to one enough, Their chemistry is scorching and you really feel that when reading. I loved reading the parts about Zena, Nicole's best friend and Shane, Shawn's twin brother. Shane is marrying a girl his family don't approve of. I'm hoping Zena and Shane will have their own book as their seems to be a great attraction between them.

A Fantastic Read! And i will definitely be reading more from this author!

What would you do if you lost everything? If the reason you woke up in the morning no longer existed? If life dealt you a blow so devastating that something as simple as breathing was just too painful, how would you find the strength to go on? 

Nicole Miller was happy, busy with her family and her dream job. Life was perfect. When tragedy struck, she succumbed to her devastating loss and crumbled under the heavy weight of her despair. She didn't know where to find the strength to keep going. 

Divorce Attorney Shawn Burns had seen too many destroyed marriages to believe that happily ever after actually existed. By avoiding commitment he remained aloof, and most importantly, unattached. There has only ever been one woman who has managed to shake that resolve, his good friend from college. But, she was married to someone else. 

Some friendships survive under stress. Some do not. Can Shawn, provide the healing balm for his friend’s heart? Will Nicole ever be able to find hope, forgiveness, or love for her desolate heart? 

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