Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dark Reaper (Western Wind Series Book 9) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Dark Reaper (Western Wind, #8)


Reviewer: Elaina

Rating: 4 Stars


Iden Belial, the youngest Reaper, finds a great evil in Land's End. He also finds Kallista, his mate, the woman the Goddess intends for him, and the only way he can claim her from her disapproving mother is to sate his lust and make her his.

But when they are torn apart by the Nikkeson, a demon that brings death and destruction to everything it touches, part of its wickedness is left inside him, warping the warrior and twisting him to its own evil ends. The Shadowlords of the Citadel are determined to heal him, but what Iden needs is the touch of his wife - the only one whose loving and sensual touch can truly make him whole again.


The plot and characters really drew me in. I will admit when I first started this book I believed I would not like it at all, but the age old saying never judge a book by its cover really became true. I am one of those people who have always enjoyed the ultimate good versus evil storyline. I mean who doesn’t we all hope that good will one day overcome evil, but Charlotte Boyett-Compo  really grabbed me with the story line. There were so many little details that brought the overlying story to life for me. I have always been one of those people who love reading those books about "one mate for life" love story for the Reapers and Shadowlords. To me it just brings a new found since to what we all look for when we are looking for love. The gods as well as the good guys are imperfect and flawed but they are also decent and honorable, which makes great heroes. As I got to know the characters I have come to like them all. This is definitely a four star book, and I encourage all to pick it up and read it. I wish I had started with the previous books in the series.
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