Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Daughter of the Light (Light, Life and Magic series Book 1) by Louise Andersen

Reviewer: Vivien

Rating: 4 Stars


A story of Light, Life & Magic. Of a changing world. A story of a young woman's life, the life of the wise, the powerful, the strong and the weak. The story of a playful cat, a wise lammasu, a very clever wizard, a story of love, tears, of loss and victory, learning and knowing.It is the adventure of good versus evil and those who see beyond that apparent reality. First of 5 books in the series.


I was asked to read this book and give an honest review, so here goes. It took me longer to read this book than it would normally, I found it difficult to understand all the names and the language which for me did have an impact on my ability to really get lost in the story.

It’s the story of a young woman’s life and her Journey to find her Brother, it’s a magical adventure full of urban fantasy, with lots of twist and turns.

Enilia wakes to find her brother Elior has left her, she travels alone in search for her brother hiding a secret, a secret that would put her Brother’s life in danger should it be revealed. It’s a dangerous journey for a young woman to take on her own with the battle between the dark and light rising . She isn’t really ainatunari and not really human, she is a jani. A half. On her journey Enilia finds love, friendship and loss, but what she really needs to find is herself.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Fantasy, Magic and Wizards.
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