Sunday, October 20, 2013

Protect Me by Jennifer Culbreth (Book 1 The Protected Series)

Reviewer: Liz
Rating: 5 Stars
Abbi Hastings had never been fearless. She'd been firmly entangled in her small town roots her entire life until an unexpected inheritance provided her a chance to escape. As she took the only opportunity she’d have to get out, Abbi left her world behind and boarded the plane with her one way ticket to Los Angeles.
Relentless and fighting for her own independence, it all goes to hell when fate throws a twist into her plans. Everything changes the day she accidentally falls into the arms of Ryan. Tall, dark eyed, and handsome CEO of LA’s hottest bodyguard service who is fighting some dark demons of his own.
Can Abbi take a leap of faith and dare to experience all that the world has to offer, accepting that fate has brought her here into the arms of the man who will protect her? Protect her mind, body, and soul
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This book took me by surprise it’s been a little while since a book has sucked me in so much! Abbi is a fun loving girl who has moved to LA from small town Georgia. Her first night working at a very popular bar she literally stumbles into the arms of Ryan Dixon a bodyguard to a rapper who is at the bar. Ryan owns his own bodyguard business and is rich and well known around LA.  Trent, Abbi’s boss has the hots for her, she isn’t interested as she thinks it’s wrong as he her boss. Things aren’t right at the bar and Trent is keeping secrets which causes for Abbi, Judy and Ashley to be put in harm’s way.
Fate kept intervening with Ryan and Abbi they found themselves running into each other and I found myself eagerly waiting for it to happen, I enjoyed the playful banter that went on between them. I loved Abbi, Judy and Ashley’s friendship, so honest with each other and so quick with retorts and always there for each other, I found myself laughing out loud a fair bit. I love all the characters and their personalities. I’m glad Ryan’s first thought of Abbi was ‘what would she like to do for fun and how would she like her eggs cooked’ and not what she would be like in bed.
This book had everything romance, mystery and fun loving characters you could easily fall in love with. I highly recommend this book! It is very well written and Jennifer loves to leave you hanging so be prepared!. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to read and review.
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