Friday, November 22, 2013

*REVIEW* Inception (The Destined Series #1.5) by Ashley Suzanne

Danny Thomas has never the boy who got the girl. All through high school, he sat in the back seat and watched his best friend, Skylar McBride, in all his crowning glory. The girls always flocked to Skylar, leaving Danny the third wheel.

Everything changes the first day of college, when Danny meets Mira Adams and she completely steals his heart. She's the only girl that ever chose Danny.

Through the ups and downs of college, Danny and Mira's relationship blossoms into something truly beautiful. A relationship that dreams are made of.
The bond of four friends: Danny, Skylar, Mira and Kylee is tested one fateful night when an accident changes everything.

Inception immediately follows the first book in the Destined Series, Mirage and showcases Danny's point of view during those four years that almost ended the night of graduation.

To understand the full story, you have to go back to the beginning: The Inception
Reviewer: Kaylene
Rating: 4 Stars
This is the story of Mira and Danny through the eyes of Danny and his POV.  This story gives you a great insight into Danny’s character, but more importantly it explores how Skylar and Mira interact with each other.  I think you see in this book that Danny actually sees it too, that there is a natural attraction between Skylar and Mira.
After this book I am definitely Team Skylar but I do feel for Danny.
It’s funny, when I started to read this story I wasn’t convinced that a Danny POV was necessary, but as I read on I definitely decided that it was.  This book was a good read and I enjoyed it.  Well done Ashley Suzanne, I am eagerly waiting for Awakening.
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