Thursday, November 21, 2013

*REVIEW* 'Attainment (Temptation #3.5) by K.M. Golland

This book is for mature audiences 18+ It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Contrition, one would say is a humane and moral virtue. But in order to experience this form of repentance, you must first acknowledge your sin then show remorse for your wrongdoing.

For most of Bryce Clark’s adult life, he had been plagued by guilt over what he claimed was a wrong decision; a lapse of better judgement on his part. He hadn’t lived the life he wanted to live, or thought he deserved—until Alexis came along.

Alexis Summers—a breath of fresh air, blown in for Bryce to inhale, allowing him to once again breathe; and live. She ensnared his heart, mind, body, and soul. She consumed him, completely.

Inseparable from the moment they first met, Bryce and Alexis are now engaged and expecting a baby. Bryce has everything he has ever wanted; wealth, the girl, and to become a father. Will he finally achieve his ultimate attainment? Or will guilt of what he deems are his mistakes—his sins—ruin everything?
Reviewer: Kaylene
Rating: 5 Stars
I waited for this book to come out, one clicked it immediately and read it within two days.   It was a fun look at the relationship between Bryce and Alexis but from Bryce’s POV and oh what a POV he has. There are some hilarious moments in the book, actually laugh out loud moments.  I wont spoil them but there are at least two or three where I literally laughed so loud it was embarrassing.
This book is by an Australian author and as it was purely from Bryce’s POV it was a bit of a page turner.  I found that I got a better insight into his character.  Temptation, Satisfaction and Fulfilment were a great series and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  This seemed like a logical follow on to one of my favourites series of books. 
Well done again Ms Golland, your writing skills are exceptional and your sense of humour is fantastically fun to read.
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