Tuesday, August 19, 2014

**COVER REVEAL** Bar 49 by T.A. Hardenbrook

‘Bar 49’ Synopsis

Charlie Emerson had been given plenty of chances in her messed up life. She really didn’t deserve a single one; but for some unknown reason, the world continued to do her a favor. There were countless times she screwed up to the point of no return, everyone should have pulled away; let the poor girl wallow in her own difficulties. But somehow, in the end, she came out unscathed……….again.
Greyson Addict was a man who didn’t need second chances. If it was not done right the first time, then it no longer mattered. Life wasn’t going to offer you a hand up when you fell; you had to find that branch and haul yourself up if you wanted to survive. The world was what one made of it; and to Greyson, it was his playground.
So how do two people, with two different views on life, manage to come together? Can Charlie finally make something of herself; become the woman she was always meant to be? Can Greyson learn that it’s okay to have help; letting someone else in to feel the satisfaction of life?
Can two people, so destined for failure, find comfort and acceptance in one another and make it work?

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