Friday, August 22, 2014

*REVIEW* Darkness Descends: A Skye Faden Novel by Alisha Ashton

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

I absolutely LOVED this book and everything about it. Vampires and Werewolves, what more could i want? 
Skye Faden is a very troubled girl who has lost her whole family to the blood drinkers. The blood drinkers killed her parents and turned her brothers. She goes on a mission to kill every last one of her brothers as all they are now is evil murderers. After finally finding her last brother, her life becomes complicated. She is gets biten by a stranger, meets an asher called Miko and he takes her to a castle where she meets a 4,000 year old Scottish  faol called Taran who she feels a strong attraction too. Taran becomes her mate but then there's Skye's friend, Ciaran, a Irish, cheeky Faol. Upon meeting the clan and all these people that make up the clan, she finds out that she isn't the person she thinks she is and is destined to do great things for the clan. 

There is so much happening in the book from the start that it's hard to put it all down in to words but i love books to be like that. There are so many characters to enjoy and my favourites have to be Ciaran and Miko. They are awesome! I found it so hard to put this book down when it came to bedtime!! I was so anxious to find out where the story was going. I loved the amount of secrets that had to be revealed to Skye at certain times and it kept me guessing as to what Skye's purpose was in the clan. I was so happy that this book was not too short, but was the perfect size for a perfect story. Great value for money! I was so so happy to have been given the opportunity to read this as i have enjoyed every moment of it. When the book i have just read is a 5 star book, i find it hard to express just how much i loved it! Lets just say that you need to go and grab and copy and you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend this book to everyone! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!

Skye Faden has had a crappy decade. Seriously. She survived nearly ten years of torture, then escaped and killed the vampires responsible for the deaths of her entire family. She should - by all rights - be free to spend the rest of her days on a warm, sandy beach somewhere. 

Unfortunately, those plans are quickly derailed by a bite-happy werewolf. With just a few days until the full moon and her first transformation, Skye has no choice but to accompany her ADHD-prone handler, Miko, to Scotland in search of answers. 

Faced with a supremely sexy ancient werewolf (woof!), a hushed prophecy about how her arrival will trigger a war, and a handful of unexpected new supernatural abilities, Skye is in for one hell of a ride. As the shaky truce between the breeds races toward its abrupt and violent end, she must unlock the mystery surrounding her identity and uncover a secret of betrayal that has been kept for over 4,000 years. Piece of cake, right?

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