Thursday, November 6, 2014

*REVIEW* Alpha Wolf (Black Mesa Wolves #2) by J.K. Harper

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

I loved loved loved this book. It was brilliant and it was longer than the first book in the series! Sara and Rafe are the centre of this story and they were both brilliant to read about.  Rafe is the strong, sexy, alpha wolf and Sara is a feisty female wolf who loves Rafe but is finding it hard to commit to being Rafe's mate, especially with Rafe eventually becoming Alpha of his own pack. Sara doesn't know if she is Alpha mate material and finds it hard to believe she could be even though she loves Rafe. I love that Rafe is the one chasing Sara and he does try to give her time to get her head around it but i love these two. The back and forth between them is excellent and i never wanted it to end. Really brilliant read and one definitely worth reading!

As a Guardian climbing the ranks in the Black Mesa Wolf Pack, Sara Kenyon's life is ideal. A sexy firecracker, she's never regretted her carefree love-'em-and-leave-'em attitude. But when her one-time fling, smokin' hot Rafe Bardou, wants the only thing she can't give him--commitment--she starts to question if freedom is everything she desires.

Rafe's patience is legendary. Yet for all his strength and control, Rafe craves something he can't have: free-spirited Sara as his mate. Her red-hot kisses have eluded him for over a year, but he can't stop thinking about how they once tangled the sheets together. Now he's out of time. Her commitment to him is essential--not only for his own happiness, but for the future of the Pack.

Losing control isn't an option. But it may be the only way to convince this sweet vixen he's her alpha wolf.

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