Monday, November 3, 2014

*REVIEW* Charming Selene (The Charming Series Book #1) by Dee King

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 3.5 Stars

I'm not really sure how i feel about this story. For a coming of age story, i found it quite complicated and in the end i'm still not completely sure who the Migrades are and what the Gods children are on Earth.

Selene is in high school and she has had a crush on Alex for three years but one night at Sebastian's house, this guy that she really finds annoying, she realizes that she isn't who she thought she was. She is a goddess. She never knew her father and she finds out he's a god and her mother agreed to carry his child. Her life gets complicated when she finds out that Sebastian and Alex are also children of Gods and she has to decide who she wants to be with and become the love of her life. She also has to decide if she wants to stay on Earth or go to mount Olympus where all the Gods live. Complicated, i know!

I'm still not completely sure what the story was all about and i felt that there were no answers to why she had to choose who to be with or anything else that needed answering. It is only the first book so maybe in book two, we will find out more about this story. I'm not sure. It was funny in some places and Selene is a very feisty character.

I was just like every one else. A simple girl with a simple life. I have a huge crush on Alex, and I had planned to talk to him, until she came along. Cali. She is always there. It's so weird. The last person I wanted to talk to was the arrogant Sebastian, but when he asked me and my best friend to his party, I had to say yes. In one night I learned that I am far from ordinary. My name is Selene Athans, and I am a Migades.

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