Saturday, November 1, 2014

*REVIEW* Pretty Little Lies by J.W. Phillips

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 3 Stars

So the second books, you discover that Dylan has been in an accident and doesn't remember anything about Ethan and what his brother did to her. All she does know is the name Ethan and the fact she is pregnant with his child. Ethan and Dylan do end up meeting again but Ethan has a hard time knowing what he knows and just waiting for Dylan to remember everything so she will leave him again. 

It is a really hard story to understand when your reading it just because of the trouble surrounding there relationship and especially with Ethan being the one to order the kill of Dylan, the night she was abused and raped by a group including Ethan's brother. It such a hard thing to understand but i didn't like this book better than the first, Innocent Lies. I think it's because you see Ethan in a new light and understand that he's nothing like is brother and he really loves Dylan. It's just an awful situation that they met in and surrounds them. Pretty Little Lies sees Ethan decide what parts of his old life, he wants to get rid of and keep in the past. 

I never read a book quite like it and i find myself feeling unsure about the story line and whether it would be believable, Dylan loving a guy like Ethan but it did keep me reading and intrigued. I do like the two POV as in the first, i really wanted to understand Ethan better and it definitely worked well.

Dylan Summers came into Ethan Asher’s life blazing brighter than any star. He was drawn to her as he’d never been to anything or anyone before. But no matter how much he loved her, the torment of their past tore them apart. 

Dylan Summers spent her whole life trying to hold on to the last nerve of her sanity. Now she found herself alone and searching for a man that seem to only be a dream. Will finding him finally heal her or finish destroying her? 

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