Sunday, September 21, 2014

* REVIEW * - Drama Unsung by Jennifer Jamelli

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 5 Stars

A fantastic book, from one of my all time favourite authors ....

Drama Unsung by Jennifer Jamelli does not disappoint, I am already a massive fan of Jennifer Jamelli’s books and this one is no exception.

So this book took me back to my younger days at school and being part of the drama club which is exactly where Alexa is. She ‘dreamed a dream’ of playing Cosette in Les Miserables, but unfortunately what you dream and what is reality are two different things.  She finds out that money buys things she cannot afford and unfortunately the auditions do not go her way. This story is complicated and goes in many directions, jealousy and ambition play a major part in this book and it has a good story to tell for the younger audience.

This is a young adult book and meant for younger readers but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It definitely took me back to my formative years and I loved how this book played out and built up all the emotions you could possibly feel for a very young, inexperienced in life Alexa.

I love Jennifer’s Checked series of books, and this YA book continues her successful writing career.  I really enjoyed this book and gave it 5 stars.  I can thoroughly recommend it.

All Alexa wants is to be cast as Cosette…until she meets her very own Marius. 

Most of the drama in Drama Club happens long before the curtain opens and far away from center stage. Alexa Grace finds herself right at the heart of that drama—in a whirlwind of gossip and emotions and charades—when she moves to a new school and auditions for Les Misérables. She quickly realizes that the auditions are fixed, that the person who is cast as Cosette has it out for her, and that she is in the middle of a dangerous backstage love triangle. In a tangle of jealousy, passion, frustration, and ambition, 

Alexa and her castmates struggle to come together to pull off an amazing production. Join them from cast list to curtain as you read DRAMA UNSUNG.

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