Friday, September 19, 2014

*REVIEW* Saved (The United Series #3) by David Michael

Reviewer: Donna 
Rating: 4 Stars

Every book so far in this series has been packed full of drama but sometimes i have found it hard to keep track of the story line in some areas especially when starting the books. Overall though, i do enjoy reading this series and i'm looking forward to reading book 4.

We got to meet some new characters in this book. Asisa and Laydon and of course Nana, Asisa's grandmother. There are a few secrets between these three that once revealed, make a great explosion. They meet Ardra and Kaiser who are taken in by Nana. There is a new threat to take down and for Asisa, this is a whole new world that she is starting to experience.

Like i said before, this book is packed full of drama and The United Series is a great series to read. I'm looking forward to read what's in store in book 4.

Her twenty-first birthday rang in the first day of the humid New Orleans summer and Aziza was hell-bent on making the most of it. 

A tall, dark and Creole hunk of a man named Landon walked into the waiting room, something about him rocked her to the core. She knew he was going to be an integral part of her summer. 

When two strangers, Ardra and Kaiser, manage to make a place for themselves with her reclusive grandmother, she can't shake the feeling that their arrival signals the beginning of something terrible. 

The unseen threat manifests itself in her dreams and she begins to spiral out of control. Having driven away her family and friends, she turns to Landon, Ardra and Kaiser for help only to find out that none of them are quite what they seem. 

The battle between Light and Dark has reached a tipping point and the gates of Hell are crumbling. Aziza must find a way to stop the Darkness from spilling over into our world before the scales tip any further and the war destroys us all.

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