Thursday, September 4, 2014

*REVIEW* Restoring Thrace (Volume Two) by Elizabeth ST.John

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

I'm really enjoying this series so far. Both books have been awesome and i'm really glad that i had the opportunity to read it. The book is full of vampires, werewolf, Fae and so on and so on. 

This book is written from Kane and Rebekah (Tatiana and Victor's kids) and Tatiana as well. It sees Kane break a few rules, fall in love with April, a girl who rescues him, Rebekah embraces her half wolf when she meets the King of Weregor, Jet and Tatiana finds it hard to let go of her kids but she has another baby on the way who is extremely special but she is unaware. 

I love that this series has so many twists and turns, sometimes it gets confusing but i can't say i ever got bored reading this series. I was hooked from the first page and the characters have kept me gripped to this story all the way through.

If you love paranormal then this is the series for you. It has everything as paranormal fan could want. Highly recommend! Awesome Series!

The Enchantress Vivian remains a threat to the kingdom of Thrace. 
Kane has set out on a mission to establish a telekinetic commune with the wolves and declare a truce between vampire and wolf kind. They must band together to fight the enchantress. On his travels, he met April, a gypsy wolf half breed. The bond between their wolf halves and their hearts began to blossom. 
Rebekah, the ever sheltered princess longed for her own life. On a ride through the fields of Thrace, she bumped into a werewolf. She was terrified until he shifted into the handsome Jet. She discovered her own ability to speak with wolves was as strong as her brothers. 
Will the twins build a bridge between wolves and vampires? Can they defeat the Enchantress and restore Thrace together?

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