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**NEW RELEASE** Black Hills Rebel (Black Hills Series #3) by AC Wilson

Black Hills Rebel


*18 Years and Older* *Mature Audiences Only* 

Lover. Mother. Wife. Mrs. Randy White. Each title more cumbersome and chaffing than the last for a woman struggling to find her identity. Nora Johnson-White had been labeled a great many things all of her life, but she’d never been able to claim herself as her own. She’d floundered as a young woman, desperate to find love with all of the wrong boys. One amazing summer, three unrequited words, and nine months later, Nora’s life is irrevocably changed. 
At thirty-three years old, Nora is a lost soul clinging to a dream that even her own mind cannot fully understand. How could a woman love one man, say vows before God to another, and maintain her sanity? She might be an outcast. She might deserve the censure. She might destroy precious lives. She might just earn the last title of Rebel. 
By all accounts, Randy White is a good man, husband, and stepfather. He works hard at being a competent foreman for the Crossing Pines Ranch and he’s tried to be a worthy addition to the Johnson family. For five years he set his sights on the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen and with persistence, Randy finally got Nora to marry him. He’d even taken her son, Drew, under his wing. What more could he ask for? 
She didn’t love him. His heart ached for the gentle touch of her hand and a kind word from her lips. He longed for his wife to even want to be in the same room, let alone the same bed. It’s time to determine the course of future events. One week is all he’s willing to give her. One week to do and say anything that she needs to decide whether they are worth fighting for. 

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Black Hills Rebel excerpt #1

“Throwing what at you? I’ve tried really hard not to do anything to you, Randy.” Nora’s voice wavered in her conviction. He stared at the woman he still considered the most beautiful and wondered at her being so naïve.
“You don’t have to do a darn thing. All you have to do is be present, Nora. Your scent, your body, your eyes, your freaking voice…it all calls to me. The things I want to do to you right now would blow your mind.” Randy clutched the cushion on the couch in his fists. It was all he could do not to cross the space between them and pull her firmly into his arms.

Black Hills Rebel excerpt #2

“You were so beautiful, even with tears falling down your face. I thought you had to be the bravest, strongest girl I knew. It might have been too soon to tell you that I loved you then, Nora, but I certainly felt it.” Randy couldn’t believe he was telling her all of this, but now was the time to lay all the cards on the table. He had something very valuable to lose if she didn’t hear everything. He just couldn’t take that chance.
“I was an absolute mess Randy, and in many ways, I still am. I hurt people by keeping secrets. I am afraid I won’t be enough when the secrets are out.” Her voice broke and he could feel her body trembling.

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