Monday, October 20, 2014

*REVIEW* Matt and Morgan (Soul Mates 101 # 4) by Scarlet Wolfe

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

This was a really explosive fourth book in the Soul Mates 101 series. Matt and Morgan's relationship seem likes a disaster. Morgan feels that she doesn't have enough attention from Matt and he doesn't take any interest in what she enjoys to do and what she likes. The only way they seem to be in a relationship is through sex. Morgan loves Matt but can't live with the way he treats her so she finishes it with him and decides that she needs to move on. Matt has a lot of issues from his past that he has never told any of his friends or Morgan. All Morgan wants is for Matt to say he loves her and change for the better. Matt doesn't know if he can let anyone fully in. He loves Morgan but he believes she will eventually leave him and he wouldn't be able to cope so he decides to let her go. Only problem, they both have the same group of friends and trying to date other people and hang out in the same circles, does not go way at all. 

Matt and Morgan have a very rocky relationship and a lot of the time i was hoping that Morgan did move on because to me, Matt was so annoying and treated Morgan poorly. It was still a very addictive story which kept me hooked. I was more waiting to see what happens as these were like firecrackers and i never knew how it was going to end. Even though, Matt and Morgan are the main characters, the book continues on with the lives of the others we have already seen in the series and also Nate and Tory, the new couple which have the only book in Nate and Tory, Soul Mates 101 book 5. Definitely one to read!

The previous novels in the Soul Mates 101 series need to be read prior to Matt and Morgan. 

In the fourth book to the Soul Mates 101 series, Matt is forced to see Morgan at Tory’s birthday party. His feelings for her are stirred, and he isn’t happy seeing her with her current boyfriend. Morgan had reluctantly ended her relationship with Matt when she realized he couldn’t show her love, but seeing him at the party rekindles feelings for her, too. 

The relationship between Morgan and her boyfriend ends, so when she, Matt and the rest of their Nashville friends head to Los Angeles for a vacation at the Pages’ Hollywood Hills home, Matt believes he has a week to win her back. What he doesn’t know is he’ll be in a tug-of-war with a rock star’s son for her attention. 

Follow the gang from their time at the beach to partying with Vincent Page and his fellow rock stars. Love blooms between the adorable Nate and Tory, and watch the hilarious behavior that ensues when the group waits to discover if one of their girls is pregnant. 

The dark secret causing Matt to guard his heart fiercely is finally revealed. Can he surrender his love to Morgan and say those three words she’s waited so long to hear, or will the intense time they’re forced to spend together be their goodbye? 

This novel is for mature audiences only due to harsh language and descriptive sexual scenes. 

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