Friday, October 3, 2014

*REVIEW* Secrets by Terry Towers

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

I ended up reading this book in a day! Addictive springs to mind but absolutely brilliant!

Anastasia and her son Ura, flee from her abusive husband. She wanted to start a new life in America with her son so when her husband offered her that life, she took and left Ukraine. She never thought that her husband would turn out to be abusive and would treat her like a slave. Anastasia and her son flee to Bangor where she ends up renting an apartment above a bar from guy named Jaxson.

Jaxson owns his own bar and lives above it. He is a born player and doesn't believe in love or relationships that is until he meets Anastasia. He knows that she's hiding something big but doesn't what. He rents her the apartment but vows that he will find out what her story is. 

They are both amazing characters and they were really hard not to like. I absolutely love this story and it was so addictive, i couldn't put it down. It's brimming with drama and secrets. Highly recommend!

Alexander promised her love and happiness beyond her wildest dreams, free from the poverty and despair she'd been living in for most of her life. He promised her the fairy tale and he was to be her white knight. But when the mask came off the true monster inside was revealed... 


He left me with no other choice... We had to escape the prison my son and I were expected to consider home, no matter what the cost. By attempting to free myself and my son from the grip of the monster I had once called my husband I inadvertently put us on the run for our lives. With no place to stay and money in short supply, I was lucky enough to find Jaxson, a man who was willing to give us a chance when no one else would. Still I fear if he finds out the truth about me, my past and who I'm running from he'll turn his back on us like everyone else.


Secrets... We all have them. But I doubt I've ever met anyone with as many as the young woman who showed up looking to rent an apartment from me, with a small child in tow. My gut told me to turn her away, that trouble wasn't far behind, but she had such a look of desperation in her otherwise stunning blue eyes... How could I could turn her down? 

I could never have imagined the trouble she'd gotten herself into...

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