Thursday, October 9, 2014

*REVIEW* The Light Tamer (The Light Tamer #1) by Devyn Dawson

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 3.5 Stars

To me, this book is for a very very young adult. I didn't really enjoy it as much as i was hoping to due to that fact. 

Jessie moves to North Carolina to live with her grandma after hers parents split. She doesn't realize that her parents break up is a lot more complicated. She finds out after meet Caleb, a boy she knew when she used to visit her grandma, that she is a light tamer and so is Caleb. She feels a pull toward Caleb and she just mistakes it for attraction but Caleb makes her realize that they are bound to each other. They have to watch out for the dark ones, they like to suck the light from light tamers. She meets a girl, Amber who is a feisty, loud mouth who is always moody. She's hard to get to know but Jessie has no problems with being her friend. When a guy named Otto comes on the scene and pairs up with Amber, everything goes great until they finds out that he is a dark one. They have to come up with a plan to send him back to the underworld. On top of all this, Jessie is discovering new things and a surprise visit from her dad tells her more.

It wasn't fantastic but it was a pleasant, light read that i'm sure young adults will love to read. It was free when i picked it up. Plus it actually says for 13 years and up.

****WARNING**** This book contains a love story, "instalove" for a reason - read at your own risk of swooning. Do you believe in faeries? This is meant for ages 13 and up. 

A move from the Bronx in New York, to New Bern, North Carolina, is not what Jessie Lucente planned before her junior year. Her selfish alcoholic father left for Greece, causing her mom to make the decision to move. Fate has a way of aligning our life to meet its correct path, and this is no coincidence to be ignored. 

Jessie is faithful to two things, her "THIS SUCKS" list, and her friend Jersey. How could she not know about Light Tamers? How could she not know SHE'S a Light Tamer? Caleb, her true mate - the one who has been bound to her, will hold her hand along the way to discovery. They will soon find out the world of Tamers is more complicated than expected. Their relationship is sweet, complicated, strained, and full of gooey kisses and teen angst. 

Amber is a teen with attitude and a smart mouth. She has a tendency to keep Jessie on her toes with humor and friendship. She's not bound to anyone, things may be bleak for her if it isn't remedied. 

This young adult book will awaken the memories of first love and best friends. 

“New Author for me AGAIN!What a great first book to read by Devyn Dawson.” Book Reviewer 

“It was refreshing to read something in this genre that had the fantasy and twist and turns along the way that I like to read, but had nothing to do with Vamps or Were's.” Book Reviewer 

“The Light Tamer is a fun, quick, exhilarating, romantic, and such a delight to read. I definitely recommend this book and hope that you go and get yourself a copy today!!” Book Reviewer 

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