Saturday, October 25, 2014

*REVIEW* Saxon by Chantal Fernando

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

A really enjoyable book, a bit short as i managed to read it in one day but Saxon and Tee relationship was fun to read about.

Saxon was Tee's best friends boyfriend until he cheated on her. Now Tee's best friend Lexi is finally one good terms with Saxon and is now seeing a guy named Ryder. Complicated part is Ryder and Saxon are both in the same band that has become really big and have been touring. Tee won't admit that she's attractive to Saxon and seems to still hate him for what he put her best friend through. Saxon wants Tee in a big way and vows to her that he will get her to trust him and break the friend barrier. It is hard with Saxon on the road touring has Tee has to trust him and believe that he does want her and won't cheat on her. It's a battle that gets put to the test on many occasions throughout the book.

I do wish that Saxon had to try a bit harder to get her as it seemed to not last long. I love the suspense of will they, wont they but it sort of didn't take long for her defenses to come down and for her to let him in. It was enjoyable to read and i am looking forward to reading more from Chantal Fernando.

Some men won’t take no for an answer. 
And some women might find this flattering, being asked out over and over again by a man determined to have you. But not me. 
Not that the man in question isn’t sexy as sin, funny as hell and charming as they get. 
Because he is. 
Sometimes you just can’t allow yourself to be interested in someone for other reasons, other variables. 
This is one of those times. 
Saxon Tate is my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. 
He cheated on her. 
He could possibly cheat again. 
That's three strikes. 
He’s out. 

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