Sunday, October 19, 2014

*REVIEW* Dylan And Taylor (Soul mates 101 #3) by Scarlet Wolfe

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

I couldn't help but find this book so funny. Dylan and Taylor are polar opposites and when they met in the previous books, they both couldn't stand one another. Dylan thought Taylor was too stuck up and thought she was above the rest of them because her family has money. What Dylan doesn't know is Taylor's father is a rock star and is in a chart topping rock band. Vincent Page is his name and Dylan's idol. Dylan and Taylor fight constantly but when then get stuck in a snow storm and have to wait it out in the car, Dylan realizes that Taylor has a different side. A caring, sensitive side that Dylan can't help but like. Taylor doesn't trust very easily and finds it hard to open up and let Dylan in but she likes him and doesn't know what to do. Taylor doesn't tell Dylan, who her father is as she wants to be liked for her but later on it does cause problems for them.

There is so many fights between these two that it is highly comical but it is so great to read about. This is probably my favorite in the series at this present time. I loved reading it and half the time, i wasn't sure what was going to happen next with these two. Definitely worth reading, highly recommend!

In book three of the Soul Mates 101 series, Brett, Hannah, and their eight friends are spending winter break together at the Masons’ cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 

Unable to leave with the rest of the group, Dylan and Taylor are forced to take the four hour ride together. What they don’t know when their journey begins is that their drive is going to take much longer. 

I’ve wanted Taylor Page since the moment I laid eyes on her. She was created just for me from her long, dark hair to her black painted toenails. Everything in between is perfection. She’s my rocker girl. It appeared that way until she opened her big, sassy mouth. Then she became a gorgeous pain in my ass. 
Oh, I still want her. For six months I’ve tried to break down her guarded wall while she’s fought me all the way. For some screwed up reason, I can’t give up hope that there’s more to Taylor Page than her defensive, high and mighty attitude, but now that we have to be alone in a vehicle for hours on our way to spend vacation with our friends, that hope will be tested. This is the week I win her over or give up trying. -Dylan 

Dylan spends his vacation protecting Taylor and trying everything in his power to win her trust. When he’s finally successful, Taylor tells the secret she’s been guarding. Her father, Vincent Page, is a legendary rock guitarist. He’s also Dylan’s idol. His idol whose daughter is sacred and untouchable. 

The week is spent with their friends rallying to bring them together, but after Dylan spends months pining to win Taylor over, her spoiled upbringing and secret might make him run the other way, and it could be too much for Taylor to handle. 

Read about the gang’s antics from an interesting night out at a club to a new game of quarters. Their group of ten becomes twelve in this push and pull story about friendship, heartache and love. 

For mature audiences due to harsh language and descriptive sex scenes.

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