Thursday, January 23, 2014

*REVIEW* - City Solipsism : A Short Story by Zack Love

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 5 Stars

City Solipsism : A Short Story is written from a man’s POV and what a wonderful perspective it is.   Riding the subway thoughts are being pondered regarding a chance meeting with “Florence” who he meets on his commute to work.   He ponders previous experiences and future possibilities and puts a humorous spin on them.  

This very short story (too short if you ask me) was a wonderful read.  I enjoyed the 20 pages of Zack Love’s writing.   Zack’s standard of writing is fantastic and there’s an ending that I didn’t expect and I laughed out loud.  Awesome short story by an awesome author. Five full bright shiny gold stars for Zack Love.

Have you ever been on a train, bus, metro/subway -- or any other shared space with strangers -- and started to wonder what that man right next to you is thinking? Did you ever start to think or hope that maybe your temporary neighbor was somehow sharing your thoughts and/or desires? Ever sensed some sort of romantic connection or sexual tension and wished you could get into his head, to know for sure? 

"City Solipsism" will take you on a journey into the mind of a man in a suit and tie on a New York City subway car, as he thinks about the woman standing awkwardly close to him...They are total strangers but their proximity is almost intimate, as their hands share the same metal subway pole... 

NOTE: Readers seeking the over-top hilarity of "Sex in the Title" should know that "City Solipsism" is written in a very different style. Rather than a comedic series of misadventures in New York, this short story takes more of a philosophical and psychological walk through the mind of a male New Yorker observing the woman standing next to him.

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