Sunday, January 5, 2014

*REVIEW* "Save Me (Life After The Outbreak #1)" by LJ Baker

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

The first thing I thought of when I read this book was the storyline reminded me of the TV series Revolution. A virus outbreak sweeps the world creating zombies. Andi is a nineteen year old who survived the outbreak and has to try and survive this world she now calls home. All her family is dead and she is the remaining survivor going at it alone until she comes across a guy named Will who she finds her hard to get rid. Andi finds it really hard to trust people and Will tests her limits a lot.
I really loved this storyline as it gripped me from the start. Sometimes iIfelt that if would have been good to have a few more sense where they got into trouble with the zombies more than hiding out but this way you found out a lot more about the characters backgrounds and what happened in the years before they met. Will and Andi are really sweet but very frustrating as they never tell each other what the are really thinking and a lot of the time I was shouting at my book! The story is clearly not over as it is titled book 1 so I'm really excited to see where this goes. Defintely a book right up my street and it has left me wanting more.

Andi was doing just fine on her own. Sure the world had been hit with an outbreak that turned anyone infected into flesh eating zombies. Not to mention that everyone she ever loved was now dead. She was alive though, taking care of herself. She had little desire to indulge in building relationships with anyone. People just couldn't be trusted. Whether they screwed you over intentionally, or just managed to get themselves killed, no one stuck around for very long. She didn't need anyone else either. That was until Will showed up to save her.

Will, with his sparkling green eyes, lips you just wanted to taste, and insanely adorable crooked smile, wasn't letting Andi get rid of him so easily. Yet still, Andi did everything she could to push her feelings, and Will, away. The more time they spent together though, the more difficult that became. In a world where another day was not something you could count on, wasting even a single moment, could mean missing out on your only chance for happiness

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