Thursday, January 23, 2014

*REVIEW* - Enigma (Part 1 of the Enigma Trilogy) by Aimee Ash

Reviewer : Donna
Rating : 4 Stars

This book was really good from the start. Kate moves to long beach and meets Jack who saves her life. He is sexy, gorgeous and funny. Kate is attracted to him from the start but she knows that there’s something he's not telling her. Jack reveals that he's not human but in fact he's an Enigma. When she meets Seb, Jack's twin brother, she starts to question her feelings for Jack as she is drawn to Seb. I loved this story as it had romance but paranormal element to it as well. Kate did annoy me sometimes as she never seemed to know what she wanted and sometimes didn't know her own mind. The story took a few twists which i never expected but overall a really great read.

When KATE HARRIS moves to Long Beach California, she hopes to finally settle in her new home. She longs to have friends and fantasises about meeting the guy of her dreams. But after one dangerous night, Kate finds herself obsessing over a mysterious stranger who saves her life, and she embarks on a quest to uncover his identity. But her journey ends when she discovers her gorgeous neighbour, JACK JONES, who proves to be the welcoming distraction she needs. 

Kate is deeply intrigued by Jack, and begins to feel differently when she’s in his company. She is flattered by the attention he showers her with and enjoys her new found confidence. And even though their relationship symbolises young love, Kate soon realizes that Jack is anything but normal.

When Jack is forced to reveal his many secrets, including the curse inflicted upon him by his twin brother, Sebastian, Kate begins questioning what is real and what is just a mere illusion. 

Jack refuses to make peace with his brother, and warns Kate to stay away from him. But Kate is drawn to Sebastian, and if she betrays Jack, the consequences of her actions will lead to devastation for them all.

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