Thursday, January 23, 2014

*REVIEW* - Forever (Part 3 of the Enigma Trilogy) by Aimee Ash

Reviewer : Donna
Rating : 5 Stars

Wow. Wow. Wow! I loved the ending to this trilogy. This book was just genius and I couldn't have expected anything more. The great thing about this book is the amount of decisions and situations that arose throughout the book. At one point, I felt all kinds of emotions that Kate was feeling especially the feeling of confusion. Kate had a lot of choices to make in this book and some things were completely out of her hands. I have loved this whole trilogy from start to finish and all the characters were so easy to like even if sometimes that made stupid decisions. I don't want to give then ending away so the only thing I will say is I'm so, so, so, happy with the way everything ended but I am completely gutted that I've finished it. It’s one where I felt sad for finishing it but I'm looking forward to reading some more by Aimee Ash and experiencing new stories. Amazing Author!

In the wake of the exposure of a shocking secret, Kate is trying to come to terms with the fact that her boyfriend, Sebastian, had unknowingly fathered a child. His son, Lucas, survived a fatal car crash, but his mother, Kelly, remains in a coma. Now Sebastian has to take on the role of being a father, which appears to immediately change him in unforeseeable ways. Kate begins to wonder what this revelation will mean for their relationship, especially if Kelly survives, as it is clear from her diary that she wants Sebastian back. 

With Jack finding forgiveness in his heart, he vows to stand by his twin brother and to support him and his nephew, but he is adamant that Kelly is trouble and cannot forgive her for the destruction she caused. With Sebastian embracing his role as a father, Lucas becomes his number one priority and he begins to distance himself from Kate. She feels shattered that her boyfriend is pushing her away despite giving him her support, which leaves her feeling incredibly confused. Deciding that he needs some space to try and figure everything out, Sebastian flees to Amador with Alissa, his own mother, and Lucas, leaving Kate feeling more alone than ever. 

With Sebastian asking his brother to look out for Kate while he’s gone, a new friendship blossoms between them. Kate begins to get to know the real Jack Jones and a bond begins to form between the two of them. With Sebastian away, the fate of their relationship begins to hang in the balance and Kate begins to wonder what her future holds, or more importantly—who will be in it. Not only is she finding herself confused and battling with her emotions, Kate also begins to experience reoccurring dreams, but what do they mean? 

Do dreams really come true? 

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