Saturday, January 4, 2014

*REVIEW* "Clutch (Custom Culture #2)" by Tess Oliver

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

The great thing I like, that Tess Oliver does with the Custom Culture series is she gives you a taste of the characters in each book. I read Freefall which was centred around Nix and Scotlyn but you also got to find out little bits of there friends as well, like an appetiser for the next book.
This book was centred around Clutch and Taylor's lives and their attraction that Clutch will not admit to. Taylor got sent away to Florida because her parents believed her to be out of hand and she left without anything said between herself and Clutch. Now she has moved back and she is eighteen now and Clutch is seeing her differently now. Lots of situations arise between to the two, one being that her parents don't think Clutch is good enough for their daughter. Its a light hearted romance that put a smile on my face while reading.
 I couldn't help but be sucked in by Taylor and Clutch's relationship. It was a really good book to read and I did read it in a day as I couldn't put it down. Freefall and Clutch are the first books I have read by Tess Oliver but I'm looking forward to reading some more by this author.

When Taylor Flinn’s parents shipped her off to an aunt for her last year of high school, James “Clutch” Mason had convinced himself it was for the best. Taylor, the wild, impulsive and far-too-appealing seventeen-year-old had been driving him nuts. Her school girl crush on him had been the last thing he needed. Now he had time to concentrate on his booming classic car part business, his new found love-- drag racing, and keeping his twenty-year-old brother Barrett out of trouble.

But when Taylor returns from her aunt’s more grown up, utterly seductive, and attached to another guy, Clutch realizes that the only thing he ever needed or wanted was Taylor Flinn

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