Thursday, March 13, 2014

*REVIEW* Masquerade (The Lanistter Chronicles #3) by Robyn M.Pierce

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

I really liked this book a lot as there was a load more mystery to this story. There's a Masquerade Ball being held at the Lanistter Castle by the King and Queen for princess Marie and Prince Lazarus to meet their mates. There is especially more pressure on Lazarus as his father wants him to be wed as quick as possible.Then the King and Queen are murdered as it's a race against time to find out who is behind it and why. I loved this book as it's really interesting from the start and it kept me on edge all the way through. The books in this series keep getting better and im glad that this isn't the last one and the next one will be out in May 2014 so i'm exciting to read that. Really great story and characters were really loveable. There is a lot to this story and i don't want to give anything away but definitely read this story if you haven't as i absolutely loved it.

The Bored Prince 
Lazarus Lanistter hates the idea of the ball his father is throwing. He doesn’t want to find a Mate yet and would prefer to not be forced to make such an important decision. When he calls Chastity back to the castle, it isn’t with the intention of making her his bride, but somehow the thought enters his mind... 

The Banished Seamstress 
Chastity West returns to the American Lanistter Castle for the grand event to take place there. She’s been called back by her boss, Lazarus, for an unknown mission, and must keep her intent a secret from everyone, including her best friend, Princess Marie. There are strange things afoot at the vampire castle, and Lazarus is entrusting Chastity with the task of keeping his sister safe… 

The Thief 
Darius Hassanpour is Marie’s other best friend. He has never been liked by Lazarus or Chastity, but he never cared. He has far more important things to worry about. For example, he keeps finding things out about Chastity that make her look suspicious. Things that draw Darius in and make him want to find out more about her… 

The vampire masquerade has begun, and there seem to be shadows watching the royal family’s every move. As for those close to the family, they’d better watch out: someone is after the royal crown, and will kill anyone in their way…

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