Thursday, March 20, 2014

*REVIEW* I Hate Goodbye by Mercy Amare

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

I Hate Goodbye is the second book in The Kihanna Series. After her step-brother gets shot and she kills Nicolas, Kihanna is trying to build her life back up but it doesn't help with her mum dying after she finds out her mum had cancer. Kihanna's stalker is still on the loose and keeps leaving her notes and keeps trying to hurts the ones she loves. I was a bit disappointed that the stalker isn't revealed in this book but i'm hoping it won't be dragged out too long. She has some great allies in Gabe,Ty and Toby, who vow to protect her and try to figure out who is behind it. There is a lot of things that happen in this book and i did find i got more into the story than i did with the first book, The Fab Life. I will be reading book 3, Stranded in Paradise because i'm addicted to finding out who is causing chaos for Kihanna and the people she loves. Very enjoyable book.

Death sucks. Especially when it’s camped out in your own front yard. 
Since moving in with my father four months ago, I’ve learned that everybody here has dark secrets and mine are the darkest of them all. 
Somebody is out for blood and they won’t stop until everybody I love is dead. 
I don’t know who to trust anymore. If only I could figure out who is messing with me… before it’s too late. 
Lines are crossed, lives are taken, and the worst part is that I’ve become the best liar of them all. 

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