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* REVIEW * The Savannah Series Box Set (1 - 4, plus novella) by Danielle Jamie

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

There are four books and one novella which make up this box set:

Irresistible Desire, Book 1: Savannah has her dream job, working for a famous fashion magazine, Envy and just loves it. She has a high society boyfriend, Logan and she has famous parents. Her life becomes a disaster when just after Logan proposes to her, she catches him in a compromising position with another women. So she gets stuck into her work and this is how she meets the famous Kayden Knox. Everyone knows him as the billionaire playboy but when he meets Savannah, they hit it off from the start. It's a light hearted story about two people with bad pasts with love who end up falling for one another. I do wish that when the finally met, there would have been a more to the relationship than sex. It take them a long time to finally get together but i did like the way we got to find out a bit about her relationship with Logan so i understood her past better. Would of loved to have had Kayden's POV too but it was an enjoyable read. 

Inescapable Desire, Book 2: This book starts off with Savannah getting a surprise visit from Logan, her ex FiancĂ©. He thinks he still has a chance with her and wants her to move back to LA with him but Savannah is happy with Kayden and could never forgive him for cheating on her. I did enjoy this book a bit more than the first as i felt they was a bit more going on. You have a fight between Logan and Kayden and two people close to Savannah and Kayden end up being two people they shouldn't have befriended. This book ends on a better cliffhanger and i'm looking forward to book 3, to see what else is in store for Savannah and Kayden. Sometimes i did find a lot of the love scenes where they express there love for one another, to be a bit over the top and not very realistic but they were more parts that were a lot more enjoyable. 

Indestructible Desire, Book 3: This book so far is my favourite as there was quite a bit going on throughout the book. It's not plain sailing for Savannah and Kayden. Savannah is recovering after her ordeal and Kayden is feeling guilty not being there for her when she needed him. Savannah and Kayden go through quite a few situations that involve people being jealous of their relationship. It doesn't help that being the girlfriend of Kayden Knox, has every girl green with envy but they do find out the hard way who you can trust and who is out to get them. I really loved this book as it was very exciting in some places and i liked that some parts were written as Kayden's POV. 

Infinite Desire, Book 4: This book sees Savannah and Kayden preparing for their upcoming wedding but lots of things are getting in the way of the planning. This book was a lot more happy, happy apart from the trial looming where one of Savannah's Kidnappers could be sent to prison for the rest of his life. I did find this book had a bit more of an airy vibe to it as some of the others had a lot more drama then this one. It was enjoyable but i felt like the storyline had been strung out a bit too much and  maybe could have ended a bit sooner then it did. Really enjoyable though.

Southern Desire, Book 4.5: I love this novella as you get to read scenes throughout the series from kayden's POV. The author has also thrown in scenes from Jax and Rebecca to Dixson and Brooklyn plus some deleted scenes and i love every part of it. It was great to read about scenes that were talked about in the series but never actually had a full on scene.Great novella and definitely one that would need to be read after you have completed the series.

Complete Box Set of the Savannah Series with Bonus scenes & Kayden's POVs from Southern Desire!
After suffering a humiliating heartbreak Savannah Livingston gave up on love, in a bid to protect her fragile heart and rebuild her now shattered life.
Her Desires are awakened when she encounters the sexy and intriguing Kayden Knox who flips her world on its axis. They forge an irresistible connection, entangled with sensual pleasures and an inferno of passion.
Kayden Knox has found the woman of his dreams. After enduring a life full of loss and heartbreak, he finally has found his soul mate and the one woman who can reawaken his heart and make him love again. But not everyone is happy for the new couple; throwing obstacles in their path and testing the strength of their newfound relationship.
When they think they’ve jumped over every hurdle that’s come their way, an inescapable tragedy strikes unexpectedly rocking Savannah and Kayden to their very core. After going through a terrifying ordeal, Savannah has to rebuild her life with the help of her supportive friends, family, and most of all Kayden. In order to build a new, indestructible future with Savannah, Kayden first had to face the demons of his past; exposing the secrets he keeps close.
Their journey is full of trials and tribulations as Kayden and Savannah fight to overcome incredible odds, obstacles, and frightening ordeals but in the end they find an infinite love like no other.

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