Wednesday, March 19, 2014

*REVIEW* Heist School Freshman by Alan Gallauresi

Reviewer : Donna
Rating: 4 Stars

What a bazaar and amusing story! This book reminded me of Ocean's Eleven and The Goonies. Three guys in high school find a mobile phone which has lots of coded messages which after decoding, they find out are drug deals. The guy who owns the phone ended up in prison without collecting the last load of money from the drug deal so these three guys decide to put a team together to get the nineteen thousand dollars that has been hidden in the old school building. Add to that, all the typical high school drama thrown in, and you have a very fun filled book.

I found it to be a rather enjoyable but amusing book and i couldn't help but love it and the three guys, Angelo, Drew and Lionel are just so funny and i couldn't help but love each of them. I will admit that the story did take a while to get going but after it did, it was truly enjoyable. I would love to read a follow up from this book to see what else these guys will try to do. Great Read.

Angelo Bastillo has just started high school, and already his life is over: dumped by the dream girl he's been crushing on for years, hating every class, terrorized by twin bullies, and forced to consult a suicide line in lieu of therapy by his overprotective (and incredibly cheap) father. Then he, his best friend Drew Wales and the geeky new kid in school, Lionel "Porno Name" Tang, stumble upon a secret cache of dirty money that can make them rich -- if they can only find a way to steal it. So, they decide to put together a team.
Meet their crew: Portia Wentworth, gorgeous drama club temptress with a secret, now turned con artist. Kyle Williams is their hitman-for-hire computer hacker with a heart of stone. And Charles Crewel, the "nice guy" star football player sidelined with a season ending injury? Well, he's the muscle of the operation -- all 283 bone-crunching pounds of him. When the team adds the suspect assistance of a mysterious senior class mastermind known only as "The Saint", all the pieces begin to fall into place. 
Now Angelo is ready to plan an incredible heist to pull off the big score. Everyone is counting on him. But with his daily life full of complicated boy/girl drama, depression, sub-minimum wage "character building", completely unnecessary pop quizzes, and a truly unhealthy but incredibly satisfying amount of videogames, can he finish the job and still manage to finish freshman year?

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