Sunday, July 6, 2014

*REVIEW* Finding Freedom (Centre Games #3) by Natalie Gayle

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

Wow, Wow, WOW! Loved everything about this third book of the Centre Game Series. I have to mention that the cover is..........SO HOT!

I have loved reading this series and the book seem to be getting better and better. This book involves around Dylan and Vanessa. Dylan is the Hot, sexy centre operative who is a martial arts expect and his life becomes complicated when he meets Vanessa. Vanessa helps the centre bring down a guy named Big John who is involved in a life of performance - enhancing drugs. It's really hard for Vanessa because she is really close to Big John and sees him as a father figure but she knows that what he is doing is wrong and he needs to be stopped. There is an instant attraction between Dylan and Vanessa but Dylan keeps a steely resolve and doesn't want to get close to her.

They have to work together in this latest mission while Vanessa and Dylan deal with their inner demons as well as there attraction to one another. It is really an awesome book and read and i have only scratched the surface of what this book is all about. Highly recommend and it deserves 5 stars hand down. I'm really, really excited for book 4 as it's about Jazz and Quade. I'm a huge fan of these too and i love how Natalie teases us with little titbits in each book so far. REALLY CAN'T WAIT!!

If you haven't read books 1 and 2, go and read them first! Finding Trust (book 1) and Finding Judgement (book 2).

Dylan “Ice Dragon” Thompson has suddenly become the hottest thing in MMA. He’s fought all his life for control and inner peace. He focuses on what he excels at—fighting and his work with the Centre. It’s what he knows and what keeps him in balance. His latest assignment has him fighting a war with a partner he doesn’t believe he can trust. 

Vanessa Aldridge has grown up in the gym and has seen it all—some good, some bad. But when performance-enhancing drugs threaten her life and her personal sense of worth—enough is enough. The very people closest to her now have her questioning their motives and nobody is as they seem. On top of all this, she’s unwittingly become the number-one pawn in an organised crime game and she’s risking her heart on a guy who wants to fight for everything but them. 

Vanessa quickly discovers that Dylan is far from what he appears to be. But what happens when his latest assignment blows his carefully created world wide open? Can Dylan win the most important fight of all—the one for her heart and their future? Or will he retreat back into the one-dimensional existence of working and fighting? Can Vanessa remain steadfast to her principles and just maybe take the ultimate prize? The battle lines are drawn. 

When the bell rings, who will step up to fight? The prize: A future of freedom. 

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