Thursday, July 31, 2014

*REVIEW* A Week For Love To Bloom (Soulmates 101 #1) by Scarlet Wolfe

Reviewer: Donna 
Rating: 4 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. It was quite amusing at times especially the fact that Justin and Lauren fall in love after one week. Sometimes i find it hard to believe in love at first sight but the way it was written, made in so beautiful and like they were soul mates. 

Justin and Lauren find an attraction between them from the moment that Lauren thinks Justin is a hitch-hiker and stops and picks him up. Because of his cocky attitude, it doesn't take long for Lauren to get annoyed that she chucks him out of her truck. The chemistry between them is amazing and Justin vows he will see her again and of course, their paths cross on more than one occasion. 

It is such a whirlwind romance and everything happens really fast but it just worked. I loved that their was no build up to them falling in love and no prolonged will they, won't they moments. It's a change to read about love at first sight. It was a short book and i did end up reading it in a day but i truly loved this book and i didn't mind it being a short book as the content was brilliant. I'm really enjoying read this author's work.

Is it coincidence or fate that brings Justin Garrison and Lauren Evans together on the same dark, country road one May night? 
Twenty-five year old Justin quit his job on an oilrig in California and traveled back to his hometown of Masonville, Tennessee. He intended for his vacation in Masonville to be a pit stop on his path to creating a future elsewhere, but an encounter with the beautiful and independent Lauren Evans turns Justin’s future plans upside down. 
After a devastating betrayal by her father, twenty-one year old Lauren is left to manage her family’s garden and nursery business in Masonville. Although guarded from the betrayal, she still longs to find love. After a few chance encounters, Justin and Lauren are unable to resist each other. 
The magnetic attraction between them opens their worlds to an enthralling period of lust and passion. Will the intensity be too much for them to trust, or will a secret Justin’s family holds about Lauren destroy their chance at a future together?

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