Monday, July 14, 2014

*REVIEW* A Zebra Like Me by Amy Maurer Jones

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

This story is based around a girl called Maybelle who suffers from Ethers-Danlos Syndrome which effect her connective tissue and just a simple fall can result in a serious injury for her. She likes to be independent and finds it hard to rely on other people. She a loner and only has her cousin, Erin to hang out with. She has a friend that lives next door, Nick who she has had a crush on for a long time but he's a popular athlete at school so she feels they don't swim in the same circles. 

Malach is Maybelle's guardian angel and his job is to look out for her from heaven and he see's how isolated Maybelle is and that she is letting her condition control her so he decides to materialise as a human and help Maybelle to realise that she's more than just her condition.

It's so enjoyable and i loved this story so much! It was truly amazing to read about this condition that to be honest, i had never heard about. I t really opened my eyes to something i knew nothing about and it seems such a hard thing to live with. It was quite an emotional thing to see Maybelle progress and become a totally different person to be the loner. Characters were all loveable and i loved the idea of this guardian angel looking out for her and guiding her through the hard time she has even though to her, she has accepted her life the way it is. It's nice to think that everyone has an guardian angel out there somewhere. Highly recommend and it was such a beautiful story.

Maybelle Dawson longs for normalcy and belonging. Often misunderstood, she struggles with a rare disorder, labeling her a Medical Zebra. 

Maybelle’s happiness and well-being threaten to slip through her fingers as she battles to take control of her life. She faces a never-ending battle on her journey to find love, courage and friendship in a world lacking acceptance. 

With the guidance of her guardian angel, Maybelle finds her way out of emotional and physical isolation to discover lasting love and amazing friendships. 

A Zebra Like Me is the story of one teenager’s battle with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a disorder affecting one in five thousand people. 

love and romance, love and respect, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, YA, contemporary, guardian angel, teen issues

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