Wednesday, July 30, 2014

*REVIEW* Trust Game by Scarlet Wolfe

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

Wow, wow, wow! This was some HOT HOT book! 

Trust Game is about Reese and Everett. Reese starts working at Casteel which is run by the Casteel brothers. She can't believe that she is the only female that works there but everyone she meets seems really nice. Everett is one of the Casteel brothers and he lost his wife, Krystal and is finally trying to get over her. Reese and Everett have an instant connection but Reese finds it hard to trust people so she doesn't want anything serious but her Sister, Becca encourages her to have a fling with Everett for fun. It doesn't stay that way for long as they both fall in love but with Reese trying to uncover why the Casteel business has lost money, she is about to uncovers some truths that will shake up her and Everett's relationship and test them completely.

I thought this book was brilliant! Ended up reading it in a day as i couldn't put it down. I was so addicting to read. Very well written and characters were really great and fun to read about. The supporting characters were the same and they were all so easy to love. I was completely gutted when i finished the book! I have to mention the sex scenes. My god! they were HOT, steamy and explosive! Really fantastic book and definitely one to read.

 Reese Abbott thought her step up to an accounting manager would be with a more prestigious company than Casteel Motorsports, especially when she steps foot inside the building. Finding it spattered in grease and overrun by male employees, she wonders what she has gotten herself into. 

Everett Casteel is the man in charge. His three brothers help run the operation, making it more of a family affair and a place for ribbing and pranks. When Reese is hired without Everett’s knowledge, he’s furious. Having lost his wife in an auto accident, two years prior, he doesn’t want any woman filling the job his wife once held. 

Unexpectedly, he’s drawn to Reese and can’t help but want her physically. Although she has gone without sex for several months, she has no intentions of having a fling with her new boss. When bad boy, Everett, makes a pass at her, it sends Reese running out the door in her heels. Her younger sister, Becca, convinces her that an exciting affair with her boss is exactly what she needs before she likely settles down with a boring man. 

Unable to resist Everett, she agrees to his sexual games as long as he agrees to her conditions. Both wanting to have the upper hand, they challenge each other sexually, experimenting in ways they have only imagined. 

Neither bargain for what the other brings to the table, and when both think they’ve found exactly what they’re looking for, Reese makes a discovery about Everett’s deceased wife. The shocking revelation leaves him questioning the value of trust; the very thing he convinced Reese she had found in him. 

This is an explosively hot read with explicit sexual scenes and harsh language.

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