Sunday, February 2, 2014

*REVIEW* "Summer of my Secret Angel" by Anna Katmore


Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 4.5 Stars
I love a good angel book and this was definitely that. Jona gets into a lot of trouble as her mum dumped her in am Orphanage and she never saw her again, that was twelve years ago. Now she tries to survive by nicking and she ends up nicking a jumper and getting arrested. She has to do charity on her aunts vineyard in France but she has never met her aunt and discovers her mum is also going to be living there too. This is how she meets Julian, he's annoying, really gorgeous and keeps her on her toes but she has this attraction to him that she tries to keep under wraps. There are a lot of secrets going on and Jona is determined to find out what is going on especially the secrets involving Julian. I found it very gripping and i love the banter between Julian and Jona and there relationship was really heartfelt and so sweet. It was just a really light, happy, feel good book and i couldn't put it down. There was some sad moments when Jona and her mum have heart to hearts and when you find out that her mum is dying from cancer. Great writing and great author.

In 2013 this book has been published with the original first title LOVING YOUR LIES

He’s annoyingly gorgeous, provocative, and fast becoming her best friend. But he also has a secret that makes the little hairs on her arms stand on end...

It wasn't nicking an expensive watch or diamond bracelet that landed streetwise Jona Montiniere in the clutches of the police. It was a darn sweater. A judge decides that she has to return to her terminally ill mother, who dumped her in an orphanage more than twelve years ago. Worse, for the coming six weeks, she has to do charity work on an estranged aunt’s vineyards in France.

Yeah, right.
Jona is determined to sneak off at the first chance she gets. But then she meets Julian, her mother’s caretaker. Playful, understanding, and sinfully sexy, he’s everything she dreams of—but she’d be damned if she let him know.

So when the first week in her new home is over, Jona is asking herself two things. One, how could it happen that she ended up in Julian’s arms after only three days? And two, how the hell did he awaken her mother from the dead…?

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