Friday, February 14, 2014

* REVIEW * - Mark My Words (The Love On Edge Series) (Volume 2) by Addison Kline

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 3.75 Stars
A lovely quick light read, with a happy ever after .... 

Mark My Words is the story of Sloan Markowitz and Luke Casile and follows on from the storyline in the book Down to You.   This book also follows Holly and Brant’s story after they put their lives back together and move forward after reuniting at Christmas time with their second chance at love.
Holly’s friend Sloane is a quick witted, brash, bold and fiercely independent woman who meets her match with Luke.  When they decide to marry Sloane takes her fiancé to meet her mother and father.  Artie Markowitz (her father) has other ideas about her marrying Luke and the story follows Artie’s eventual acceptance of Luke into Sloane’s life.
There are all sorts of issues that get in the way of the marriage of course, it wouldn't be a good book if there wasn't  however I won’t go into them as it spoil the story.
This was a quick, light read, and flowed well. There were some editorial issues and spelling mistakes.  However, all in all it was a lovely romance story with a happy ever after ending.  I give this story 3.75 stars and would recommend this book to people who love a good romance novel.

Sloane Markowitz is not accustomed to taking orders from anyone, least of all, her old-fashioned and boisterous father Artie Markowitz. But when Sloane comes home with the announcement that she plans to marry her long-time beau in just two months time, Artie has a different idea. 

Artie Markowitz is a firm believer in traditions and values. When his youngest daughter Sloane brings home her leather-jacket clad, motorcycle riding bad boy fiancé, Artie nearly has heart failure. Sloane has another thing coming if she thinks her father's blessing will come easily. Can Artie learn to like his future son in law and allow his daughter to follow her heart? 

Sloane wants a small, fun and intimate destination wedding, but Artie wants his daughter's wedding to be a grand, traditional affair. Will the two bull-headed Markowitz's come to a compromise? Or will their stubborn-streak sabotage the wedding altogether? 

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain. Sloane is not on this rollercoaster ride alone.

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