Friday, February 14, 2014

* REVIEW * - A Leap of Faith by T. Gephart

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 4 Stars

  Great read, loved the story ...

A Leap of Faith is the second book of the series and begins where book one leaves off. Lexi, is a strong willed woman who is fighting to keep her individualism by being in a relationship with a very high profile rock and roll guitarist. Lexi’s journey to self discovery is not an easy one and she struggles with many different problems along the way.
I did enjoy the way the story was played out in both America and Australia and being from Australia I could relate to the different parts as they were discussed throughout the story.
Alex is once again that hot, talented, strong alpha male who really falls head over heels for his Lexi. I loved reading their story and although at times it was everyday type stuff I did still enjoy it. There was a strong turn in the book toward the end and it caught me out and although what happened was terrible it really added to the storyline. It made me wonder if their relationship could endure and survive.
This book is a great read and I am looking forward to reading the conclusion. 

Lexi is in uncharted territory as her steady relationship with Alex develops. Their passion shows no signs of waning, but the road is by no means easy. While Lexi loves Alex, she struggles to retain her individual identity while being a partner in a high profile relationship.

On her first international tour as Power Station’s publicist and Alex’s official girlfriend, Lexi is initiated into the crazy lifestyle of life of a rock-star.

Despite all the pressure, Lexi realises that their relationship is worth fighting for and she no longer wants to be alone. In order for her to move forward with Alex she needs to reconcile her past and exorcise some demons that she thought were best forgotten.

Is their love strong enough to survive the tests that family, distance and time provide?

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