Tuesday, February 25, 2014

* REVIEW * Tempted: A Nightshade Novel by Brenda Tetreault

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 4 Stars

 This book is a new genre for me and I liked it a lot ....

Well paranormal romance is not my genre and I normally wouldn’t reach for this type of book but as part of a review team I’m required to read things that don’t always fit nicely into what I necessarily <i>want</i> to read.  So I opened this book, started and it wasn’t long before I realised that I actually really like this genre and what’s more I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The characters were likeable and the book was written well, with a good storyline which was quite believable.  Roman Arceneaux is a dark, broody, strong man until he becomes obsessed with Sabrina Donahue.  After their meeting you can tell that the sparks are flying and that there’s a strong attraction between them.  There is danger, there is love, there are twists and turns, but most of all there is all types of paranormal characters which made for a really interesting read.  The book was descriptive and I felt that although paranormal I noticed things come to life around me as I was reading.

This is a great book, really liked it except for the cliff hanger.  All in all this was a four star read for me and has opened up a new world of paranormal romance for me to devour.

He spotted her in club Nightshade, a beautiful goddess among the mortals, and from that moment on she was his everything. She tempted him. She intrigued him. He wanted her.

Sabrina Donahue knew she was playing with fire from the moment their lips met, but something about Roman Arceneaux made it difficult for her to care.

Sensual and darkly intense, Roman is every woman’s fantasy come to life. One by one, Sabrina’s reservations fall prey to his skilled seduction, leaving her dreaming of a future she never imagined.

When monsters and mayhem intrude upon their lives, Sabrina’s fragile existence is threatened and Roman is left to wonder if their love will survive.

*For mature readers only due to graphic language and sexual situations*

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