Sunday, February 2, 2014

*REVIEW* "Saving Cassie" by L.A. Remenicky

Reviewer: Cheryl
Rating: 4 Stars

Saving Cassie by LA Remenicky was a very hard read for me to try and categorize. The only word that I can describe it with is different.
This book is not your typical read. It takes you on a roller coaster ride and the constant is romance or rather, love. There is mystery, suspense, tragedy, love, anger, sadness, and so much more. This book is filled with different emotions and it will hit you one at a time or all at the same time. I was up at some moments then crashed hard in the next.
Cassie "Reggie" Holt witnessed her parents being murdered as a young girl in the prologue. The story starts ten years later when Cassie is an adult and moves back to her hometown to take over her Grandmother's bookstore that was left to her. She is sad because the circumstances surrounding her return are glum. She misses her Grandmother and the only family she has left is her best friend Sheriff James Marsten and his little family. She meets Deputy Logan Miller when she is on her way to her Grandmothers house and they instantly dislike each other.
Strange things start to happen to Cassie and it feels like she is either going mad or bad luck prone. She meets up with Logan again at a town celebration and she is attracted to him and him to her. They both get defensive and make rude comments, but the sparks are still there and the attraction hard to ignore. Logan has been dreaming since he was nine years old about Cassie and didn't know it was her she dreamt of until he came close to losing her and that her nickname was Reggie. Cassie has a past that she wasn't too proud of and hides the things that happened to her, until she receives a phone call from a friend back in the city concerning that problem. She ends up coming clean to both James, her best friend, and Logan in order to feel better about having them follow her around.
At this point, is where I got confused and become indecisive about the story. It alternates from three different POV's and at times becomes hard to understand which is which because the musings are all different. At times it will switch to Logan's and at others Cassie's and at the oddest intervals a third POV from an evil presence. There were so many questions floating through my mind and they are not answered until the very end of the book. There wasn't much of a buildup to the ending of the story and I felt like I was robbed emotionally because the book felt rushed at times. I, however, will overlook most of these because the love story between Logan and Cassie is sincere and endearing. To have been through that kind of hell that Cassie went through is heart wrenching and to deal with it alone is heart breaking. There was a surprise from Cassie's past and I did not see that one coming. With that said I give this book a 4 because the paranormal side of it was reached and the romance side as well. :)
*Copy Received in exchange for an honest review*

Everyone has secrets.

Sometimes secrets can get you killed.

After ten years in the big city, Cassie Holt is moving back to her hometown to take over the bookstore left to her by her beloved Gram, vowing to live her life alone. To her best friend, Sheriff James Marsten, Cassie seems to be the same girl that left Fairfield Corners to go to college but Cassie has secrets and one of those secrets could get her killed. When one of her secrets becomes a threat to her life, James turns to his new deputy to help him keep Cassie safe.

Deputy Logan Miller has been burned by love and is not looking to get involved with anyone anytime soon. When he is thrown into close quarters with Cassie, the sparks begin to fly and he begins to see through the walls Cassie has built around her heart. As the threat gets closer, can Logan protect Cassie and protect his heart?

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