Sunday, February 2, 2014

*REVIEW* "Hot Southern Mess" by T.A. Hardenbrook

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

What's not to love about this book? Molly Anne comes from a very proper background. The country club, upper class background. One problem, she doesn't fit in with her purple streaked hair and emo look. After her sister's wedding, she decides to get on a plane and ahead to Seattle. She ends up getting a job at a management company who manage a famous rock band Black Laden and that's where her life gets complicated. Reid, the lead singer, gorgeous and a rock star. Molly Anne s attracted to him from their first meeting but one thing is not looking for is a relationship and neither is Reid if the amount of women he sleeps with is anything to go by.
I thought this book was really funny sometimes as Molly Anne is prone to accidents and does get herself in to complicated situations. Even though Reid id hot and cold towards Molly Anne a lot of the time. I was absolutely hooked on this book and i ended up reading this in a day. I'm glad to know it's not the end as there is a book 2 being released in 2014 and i am definitely going to get it.
*ARC Received in exchange for an honest review*

*This novel is intended for 18+*

My mother always said, “You need to act like a lady if you are ever going to be the perfect wife.” Well, that would require me to first become ‘lady like’, and then sell my soul to the devil. Down south, women were groomed to be the perfect trophy wives. One must be the total package, in order to catch a man that had sort of social ranking at the country club. To my parents and sister’s dismay, being sold off to the highest bidder in society wasn’t the life for me.

Hi I’m Molly, and anything but the southern belle type. My hair isn't blonde and I don’t wear dresses. My shoe selection consists of my favorite chucks, and I’m lucky that I shower daily. I bite my nails and play guitar, and well my makeup regimen involves the very basics. I don’t hold any pageant titles and I’m entirely too awkward at social gatherings.

So what does one do when her younger sister finds the man of her dreams and gets married? You suck it up and put on that horrible bridesmaid dress, and explain to everyone that you are perfectly content on living alone for the rest of your life. Then, you get the hell out of there.

I just want to play my music and live my life, free of sparkles and crowns. Being twenty-five and not married wasn't the end of the world, in reality, it is just the beginning. I am not going to worry about finding “the one” till it finds me. One afternoon I walked right into all six-foot-three rock star of it, shit.

Hi, my name is Molly, and I’m a complete Hot Southern Mess.

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