Sunday, April 6, 2014

* REVIEW * - Ahead of the Darkness (The Darkness #1) by Simone Nicole

Reviewer : Cheryl
Rating : 4 1/2 Stars

In all honesty when I read the blurb I was scared to read this book because it sounded so haunting and gave me goosebumps and a foreboding feeling of ugly crying. I know its a lot, but it was my true feelings before I read the book.  I admit now after absorbing the book that it was good.  So good that I am happy to report there were tears, but no ugly crying.

The story is about Mia who is a runaway.  She grew up with tragic circumstances.  She lost her mother when she was only 5 years old and the man she knew as her father was the cause.  Mia is a strong, guarded, and independent young woman.  Until a few months before she had a normal life because her father was in prison, but when he was released he started searching for her and she started running.  She runs away to a quaint town with a population that is small enough to not be overwhelmed and big enough to not stand out so she can blend in.  She meets the small town Scottish, sexy bar owner Andrew/Drew and immediately she becomes a blubbering mess around him and because of him.

Mia has been living a lie and has relied on pretenses with people and wears emotional masks to get through living in different cities.  All of that went to hell when she meets Drew.  He is sexy and has an accent that flusters her.  Their chemistry is there, but both are afraid to approach the other. When Mia finally comes up with a plan to get Drew to admit to his feelings things start to go down hill.  She is bombarded yet again about past experiences with being hunted by her father and starts to turn away from Drew.  Her father makes an appearance and everything changes.  Will she be able to handle it?  You have to read it because I can guarantee that it is a fun read that will keep you smiling and then gets you frustrated.

It has been a long, long time since I've seen your little face, chérie. Not once did you visit. That really hurt; after all, it was thanks to you I was convicted. That’s not something you forget.

I thought it was time— a visit was due. Seeing as you wouldn't come to me, I thought it only right I come to you. Sadly, you weren't home, but your furry feline was more than accommodating . . . 

I’ll be seeing you soon, mon chérie. I’ll always find you . . .

For six years, a letter has dictated Amelia’s future. She’s running from a past that refuses to stop, always trying to get one step ahead. Amelia is clever and resilient, and refuses to slip up.

Relying only on herself, she’ll be anything and anyone she needs to survive. But everyone slips up . . . eventually. You can’t always stay ahead of the darkness.

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