Wednesday, April 16, 2014

* REVIEW * - Fueled (The Driven Trilogy #2) by K. Bromberg

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 5 Stars

Will always be one of my top “I Race You” trilogies ....

Fueled, is the second book in the Driven Trilogy by K. Bromberg which continues to follow the life of a hot, sexy, rich racing car driver and bad boy bachelor Colton Donovan and his heart stopping, breath stealing, life giving girl Rylee.

This book takes off right where the first one leaves off and is a very strong book filled with lots of bumpy, captivating, angsty reading.  We learn more about what drives Colton and the horror of his childhood.  We also see more of the life event that plagues Rylee’s mind and why she is so closed off.  They eventually start to open up to one another and even though they seem to be on different paths relationship wise, you soon see that Rylee is working very hard to reach Colton on some basic fundamental level.  We watch this relationship start to bloom until she says three little words that break them both apart.  There is miscommunication and stubbornness which  tends to make you feel  like you are living the story with them.  You want to reach in and give Colton a slap over the head on quite a few occasions.

Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman !!!! 

I read the first and the second book in the series and now that the third has been released I am re-reading these books again so I can remember everything for the third book in the series. The second time around has not changed my mind I absolutely fricking love these books. They are page turners full of angst and are thoroughly entertaining. It is funny, heart wrenching and damn hot. This book has a rather large cliff hanger but luckily for me I have both the third book in the series which I will be diving straight into. I highly recommend this book and it will always be on my top five trilogies of all times list. Five stars to this book.

What happens when the one person you never expected suddenly happens to be the one you’ll fight the hardest to keep?

Colton stole my heart. He wasn't supposed to, and I sure as hell didn't want him to, but he crashed into my life, ignited feelings within me that I thought had died forever, and fueled a passion that I never knew could exist.

Rylee fell out of that damn storage closet and into my life. Now I don't think I'll ever be the same. She's seen glimpses of the darkness within me, and yet she's still here. Still fighting for me. She is without a doubt the saint, and I am most definitely the sinner.

How is it the one thing neither of us wanted—neither of us anticipated that fateful night—has us fighting so hard to keep?

He steals my breath, stops my heart, and brings me back to life again all in a split second of time. But how can I love a man who won't let me in? Who continually pushes me away to prevent me from seeing the damaged secrets in his past? My heart has fallen, but patience and forgiveness can only go so far.

How can I desire a woman who unnerves me, defies me, and forces me to see that in the deep, black abyss of my soul there's someone worthy of her love? A place and person I swore I'd never be again. Her selfless heart and sexy body deserve so much more than I'll ever be capable of giving her. I know I can't be what she needs, so why can't I just let her go?

We are driven by need and fueled with desire, but is that enough for us to crash into love?

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