Saturday, April 26, 2014

* REVIEW * - Never Say Goodbye (Never Say Goodbye #1) by Bethan Cooper

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 3.5 Stars

Enjoyable young romance with some solid twists and turns ... 

Never Say Goodbye is the story of Ella Stone (a troubled young woman) who falls deeply in young love with Luke James (the high school hottie). Luke hurts her more than once and I found Ella a little too forgiving at times, but this could be due to her troubled past and her constant struggle with serious psychological problems which include cutting.  She’s bullied at school, and as a result has become withdrawn, distant and suffers from anxiety and depression quite severely.  They start a high school relationship which escalates into way more than just a high school crush.  Ella opens her heart to Luke and in the beginning I wondered about his commitment to this relationship, it just seemed like he was playing her along.  Luke is rich and hot with some serious past baggage and Ella finds it difficult to admit that maybe he loves her just for being her.  Trouble is always around the corner and threatens to break them up time and time again. The story becomes a bit of an emotional ride as you live through their torment.

Right, so I liked the storyline, but there are some issues with regards to the storytelling and editing.  There are many repeated words, phrases and sometimes it just doesn’t flow well and at times is more than a little confusing.   For this reason I have marked the book down because it makes for very hard reading.  It also caused me to skim read rather than enjoy a deep read. This book had a lot of promise for me as I did enjoy the plot line, just not so much the delivery of it, which was disappointing.  However in saying this, I would recommend this book to others if you like a young adult romance with a contemporary twist.    With some professional editing this book could be a standout.  Be prepared though it does have a cliffy which means if you want to read on you’re going to have to wait.  

I give this book 3.5 stars which I have rounded up to four.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your book Bethan Cooper.

*I received an advanced reader copy of this book for review via Magic Within The Pages *

Who said life was easy again?

When eighteen year old Ella Stone fell into his arms one July morning she encountered a man who was not only beautiful, but the most caring and loving she had ever met. She is lost in the distance to most and cares about nothing in her life. The only needs she craves is her best friend Jade and her trusty sky blue Ford Mustang. 

After losing someone who meant more to her than herself, her whole life changed for the worse.

Fighting something on your own, can change your life. 

Especially when that something, causes you pain everyday. 

When Luke James lean, beautiful and rich finds a small girl riddled with torment in his arms he can't help but want to put out that dark light inside of her. 

His past haunts them both, causing unnecessary heartbreak. 

But when he leaves his high school girlfriend Jenna, for her, trouble chases them both and the escape tries to break them apart.

On this emotional tormented roller-coaster, we find two people who should of never been introduced, but they are and the inevitable happens, for them both.

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