Friday, April 18, 2014

*REVIEW* Rockstar's Angel (Decoy Series #3) by K.T. Fisher

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

I want to start off by saying Wow, Wow, Wow!! I have always been a fan of K.T.Fisher's work and as always, she's has written another fantastic book. This one is book 3 of the Decoy series but book 1 and 2 were centred around Kendal and Jax, this one centres mainly around Tanya and Leo with a few chapters from Jax and Kendal's POV. 

So, Leo and Tanya, well Leo is the drummer of Decoy, a hit with the groupies and super, super hot. Tanya is an hair stylist and one of Kendal's friends. Leo and Tanya were really good friends once upon a time but with the attraction they have, they end up pushing past friendship and sleep with one another. Tanya feels hurt though when she feel likes he sleeps with her and then goes on his merry way and hangs out with the groupies so after Kendal and Jax break up, before the band made it big, so did Tanya and Leo. Tanya gets in first as she misunderstands a conversation they have. So the book then fast forwards four years to when Kendal and Jax are getting married and Leo and Tanya are reunited again. Lets just say that it's not all hearts and flowers and there are secrets that have been kept, misunderstandings and trust issues to go through and i tell you what, i can't believe the amount of emotions i went through reading it.

I was really hooked from the start and i always look forward to K.T. Fisher's books being released. I loved every minute of this book and i'm sure if you read this series, you will love it too. If you love this series, you should try Severed Angel (Severed MC Series) by K.T Fisher. An awesome book too!

Since the day Tanya and Leo met they have held an intense attraction for each other. After a hot and passionate night together Tanya is scared that her feelings for Leo are changing from lust and into something more. She doesn't want to fall in love with the playboy drummer, that's just begging for her to get hurt. 

Leo loves Tanya's no nonsense attitude, she's different to all the other girls that surround him and he wants her. After their explosive nights together he knows it goes deeper than just sex but Tanya wants to keep quiet about them from their friends and that secretly pisses him of. 

Tanya leaves Leo's after an argument and they don't see each other for four years. That time apart has left Tanya feeling more and more angry with Leo and Leo craving beautiful and sexy blonde women. They just don't compare to his beautiful angel and he wants her again, Tanya just won't give him a chance to explain

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