Tuesday, April 15, 2014

*REVIEW* "Scare Crow (A Crow's Row Love Story #2)" by Julie Hockley

Scare Crow (Crow's Row, #2)
Reviewer: Liz
Rating: 5 Stars


Wow! Julie Hockley has done it again! Scare Crow kicks off pretty much where Crow’s Row finished. Emmy is back in her dump of a home lost and lonely without Cameron. Cameron is trying to clean up a mess in the Underworld and is lost without Emmy. Emmy is bent on seeking revenge on those who caused her pain, as is Cameron. Scare Crow is in alternate POV between Emmy and Cameron which gives us a look into Cameron’s world and I love it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book I read it in less than 24 hours. After reading the first chapter I couldn’t put it down (I had to though to feed my kids) I was in shocked! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cry, scream or laugh maybe all three at once would suit the moment. Throughout the book there are times I wanted to jump in the book and give Cameron a good slap across the face and tell him to wake up to himself! He drove me nuts, but I still love him! There is always something going on, it is a well-paced, well written book. I love all the characters and was glad to see a little into what Emmy’s parent’s life was like to see what her childhood was like and also seeing into Cameron’s mind and how it worked and the pain he was feeling.

You can’t help but fall in love with Griff, he is one awesome caring guy and he can come protect me any day! It was good being able to meet some of Emmy’s fellow housemates. I really liked Joseph and hope to see more of him hopefully in the next book. I liked the ending more for this book compared to Crow’s Row but I was left with more questions and playing the guessing game as to what will happen with certain things which I’m sure will be answered in the next one. Can’t Wait!!

Julie you have done it again for me I feel emotionally drained after reading this. I loved every minute of it and would read it again and again. You are amazing I love your work; you know how to pull your readers in, especially me. You will always have me hook, line and sinker. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read and review this for you. I look forward to the next one! Thanks


Nineteen-year-old Emily Sheppard is losing her sanity. 

Ever since her mob king boyfriend, Cameron Hillard, abandoned her for her own good, Emmy has been attempting to move on with her charmed college student life as if nothing happened.

Now rejected from the underworld and left grieving over Cameron’s alleged death, Emmy realizes she belongs nowhere.

Worse yet, she is now keeping a dangerous secret.

After just a short time with Emily, Cameron has lost control over his world.

As he miserably attempts to return to what is left of his life and unravel the mess he has made of the underworld, Emily’s hate turns to desperation. She needs to kill the kingpins responsible for Cameron’s death before they come looking for her.

As Cameron secretly observes Emily, he has no idea of the danger he has placed her in—or that it may already be too late for him to save her.

Scare Crow is a tale of revenge, terror, and love as Emmy and Cameron embark on separate journeys to face enemies, correct past mistakes, and.............. 

find their way to their destinies.

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