Friday, April 11, 2014

*REVIEW* What The Heart Takes (Soulmate #3) by Kelli McCracken

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

This book is the best one so far and i was gutted when it finished. Heaven and Dylan are trying to adjust to their new life as husband and wife and their abilities. Also it doesn't help that Layne, Heaven's Keeper and protector is intertwined with Heaven and they need to have a bond for Layne to be able to protect her from Dyan's dad and The Fallen. The big problem is, the way Layne feels about Heaven and their bond is not helping the situation which is making Dylan extremely jealous. Lots and lots of things happen in this book that kept me reading and reading. There is more drama involving Faith, Heaven's sister which create really awkward situations. I don't want to give much away as you must read this series! I loved every minute of this book and i'm looking forward to seeing what happens between Heaven, Dylan and Layne and will Layne and Heaven's bond cause trouble for Dylan and Heaven's relationship more in book 4. It's packed full of drama, love and will leave you wanting more. You will not be disappointed.

If you haven't read this series, check out Book 1, What The Heart Wants and book 2, What The Heart Needs which are available now. You won't be disappointed  in this series.

Dylan McBride has never liked hiding—from his fans, the press, or his father. He’s left with no other choice after his father threatens Heaven’s life. Protecting his wife and unborn child is the only thing that matters. He’d do anything to save them. Even tolerate a connection she shares with her Keeper, the man sworn to save her life. The man he used to call his friend.

Layne’s struggling with his pyrokinetic abilities, as well as accepting his role as Heaven’s Keeper. As if kissing her didn’t make things awkward enough, he learns that their connection is more complicated than he ever imagined. So complicated, it affects not only his mind, but also his soul.

Though he’s taken to his Keeper duties, Heaven senses a battle between Layne’s heart and soul. A battle that’s preventing him from accessing his abilities. There’s only one sure way to help him. Their friendship must deepen. But nothing’s ever easy, and she soon discovers there’s a thin line between love, hate, and What the Heart Takes.

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