Friday, May 16, 2014

*REVIEW* The Girl Before Eve by Lisa J. Hobman

Reviewer: Donna 
Rating: 5 Stars

This book has left me speechless and i'm not sure whether this review is going to give it enough justice as to how fantastic i found it.

The book is about to childhood friends who grow up together, Adam and Lily. They do everything together and they are very close best friends but during a fun tennis match in their twenties, Lily releases she is in love with Adam and probably has been for a long time. She believes he would never feel the same so she doesn't say anything. Things become hard when Lily meets a new friend, Eve who she introduces to Adam and she can see from the onset that he is attracted to her. It results in Eve and Adam getting married a number of years down the line and Lily is heartbroken so she begins travelling for work as a journalist to help her to deal with her two friends love for one another. 

Moving on a few years and a tragic accident occurs which causes the death of Eve. Lily has to be there for Adam and help him go on after Eve. She helps him to meet and date women while she knows deep down that she has never stopped loving Adam. She is a constant by his side but it is heartbreaking for her so she tries to move on but she is always pulled back in to Adam life and dramas.

Such a fantastic book, i had to stop talking about the storyline as i would have written a blow by blow account and that would have spoilt it! This book had me hooked and i had a hard job putting it down. Loved Adam and Lily, especially Lily and the amount of emotional trauma she goes through just overwhelmed me. I really felt what she felt and it made her journey seem as though i was seeing it through her eyes. A truly epic way to read a book. 

 The size of the book was great. I felt it wasn't too short but didn't go on for too long with pointless chapters. Everything that was written, was relative to the story and i loved that we also get a back story to them as at the beginning of the book, there is a chapter about Eve's funeral but then the next chapter goes back in time to when Adam first met Eve and also what Adam and Lily's friendship was like before Eve. 

So, So happy i got to read this as it's a great book and you must go and read it! 

Unrequited love is the biggest heartache… 
Lily and Adam have been best friends since the dawn of time. Well, the dawn of their time. Okay…since primary school actually. Everyone accepted them as best friends. Until one day, aged 18, Lily made a fateful discovery. She was head over heels in love. 
With Adam. 
Her unrequited feelings are hard to deal with initially but become even harder when Lily inadvertently introduces him to the love of his life. It all started as a bit of a joke thanks to the other woman's name. 

Many years later and Adam is once again single and heartbroken and Lily is there to help him pick up the pieces. Her methods are sometimes a little unorthodox and lead to ridiculous consequences. 

Can Lily help Adam move on and find happiness again? And can either of the friends recover from losing the love of their lives? 

Sometimes the one thing you want is way out of reach. 

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  1. Fab review! I loved this book, and I think a lot of women will be able to relate to Lily.