Sunday, May 18, 2014

*REVIEW* More Than I Asked For (More Than DC #1) by T.J. Tims

Reviewer: Donna
Rating: 5 Stars

I love experiencing new author and i was very pleased to read this. This is book 1 is the DC Series and i thought it was a fantastic read which i loved so much that i read it in a day and a half. 

Genevieve has just split up with her boyfriend Brad so her friends, Hailey and Tara take up out to forget about him and have a good time. At the club, she attracts the attention of a guy in the VIP booth. Next morning she wakes up to a hangover from hell and flowers from a guy named L. She soon discovers that he is Rockstar turned Music Mogul Lucas Alexander. 

This book is packed full of passionate sex, drama and so many funny moments, its hard to count. I love how funny it was at times and it had me laughing out loud. The whole group of friends that Genevieve and Lucas have are hilarious. The whole story is light and refreshing, it wasn't hard to love every character.  There are a few juicy details about their pasts that are revealed through the book and Genevieve does have a lot to deal with all at once but it makes such good reading material. 

So happy i was fortunate to  read this book. Definitely one worth buying.

Genevieve Westley lives inside of her head. Her only connection to life; her two best friends, her grandparents, and her heart wrenching emotionally driven artwork. 

Finally stepping out of her comfort zone, a night out with her friends has her stepping into the arms of Lucas Alexander. 

Lucas has been labeled many things; rock star, CEO, devastatingly handsome panty dropper. 

When these two collide their electric chemistry has them racing towards their happily ever after, but is that enough? 

Secret after secret bombards them, turning Gen’s peaceful existence to chaos and confusion. With more questions than answers will she give it all up or fight, even if it’s more than she asked for? 

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