Monday, May 5, 2014

* REVIEW * - Krinos (Take Over Series #1) by T.L. Smith

Reviewer : Kaylene
Rating : 3.75 Stars

Interesting story and a nice quick read ...

Krinos is an interesting story which follows Eliza or as most people know her Krinos who's being prepared by her father to take over the family drug business.  She's a feisty alpha female if there is such a thing and she's prepared to do whatever it takes.  She meets hot as hell Stefanos, who for the most part rocks her world.  Stefanos also becomes very smitten, very quickly with the bad ass Krinos.  Krinos is her father's daughter and she has no qualms about the fact that she will become boss of the "business”.

This story contains violence, drugs and sex.  It is an interesting story and is a nice quick read.  It’s only Book One of the Take Over Series by T.L. Smith but does not end on a cliff hanger although there is more to come I am sure.  I read this book pretty much in one sitting and found it a good read. Sure there are some grammatical issues but overall it’s well constructed.  I enjoyed this book and gave it three point seven-five stars which I have upgraded to four stars.

My life was simple. Follow instructions, learn the family business and be prepared to take over when the time has come. My name is Eliza, although people in the business know me as Krinos. One thing you should know about me is that my father is a drug lord, the boss in 
these parts.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes to step up to the challenge and run the family business, to make my father proud, a business filled with drugs, sex and death. What I’m not prepared for though is him, the Greek god who walks into my life and threatens to rock my world.

Now, my life has just got complicated. But don’t misunderstand, complicated is not a weakness. My father was not a man to cross, so expect nothing less from me. I am my father’s daughter, and I will be the boss. 

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